Designers Boda Smide

Erik Höglund


As a draughtsman, graphic artist, painter, sculptor and glass artist, and creator of unique glass and wrought-iron objects, Erik Höglund has left a deep mark on Swedish 20th-century art.

Along with the large number of works for the public environment that he created in many different materials, he is perhaps best known for his innovation in Swedish art glass. For 20 years he worked at the Boda Glassworks. Erik Höglund has, through his colourful personality, multifaceted artistry, curiosity in material combinations and great love of experimentation, forever made an indelible contribution to Swedish form and design, to the delight of us all.

Bertil Vallien


Born in 1938 and with Konstfack in Stockholm and studies in the USA behind him, he came to the Kingdom of Glass in the early 1960s. Initially, he worked with glass and blacksmithing at BODA, where the well-known glass artist Erik Höglund was already working, and later on he worked mainly with glass and design at Åfors and then Kosta Glasbruk. Bertil Vallien spans the entire range from factory design to unique public decorations. With its many international awards, represented in museums and galleries around the world, recognised as an innovator in glass art both locally and internationally, Bertil Vallien is also sought after and active in creative education at universities and design schools.

Rolf Sinnemark


Glass artist, designer and silversmith with roots from Gotland. Educated in industrial design at Konstfack. Worked with Kosta Boda from 1967-1986. In addition to designing and creating products at many of the glassworks in Småland, Rolf Sinnemark has made a number of public decorations and exhibited, both in Sweden and internationally.

Boda Smide


Boda Smide has designed and developed a number of products over the years. These products are created by our blacksmiths and are unique high quality crafts with a timeless design.

Hönsalottas Luffarmuseum 

An obvious showroom

It feels natural to be able to show the fantastic objects that our great artists made in the place where the art objects were once born. Erik Höglund had his studio in part of the building that Hönsalottas Luffarmuseum is housed in and through the works we show, his presence feels natural. Boda smide also ran his business in our building, which facilitated the collaboration with the great artists. So it is great for us to be able to show the result of that collaboration in the place where it once occurred.