Arts and Crafts

In all older cultures, fire was seen as something supernatural and often associated with mystery, life and death

With the help of fire, iron and glass could be shaped according to man's needs or visions

The iron at Boda Smide is shaped by forging. In the forge, the writhing iron is transformed into beautiful utensils, with each product becoming unique through the blacksmith's craftsmanship and skill.

If the iron is shaped by cold forging or hot forging, it can be called forging.
The handmade glass is produced by shaping the hot, viscous glass mass using manual methods, the result being a combination of the designer's vision and the craftsman's feel. This method always produces different, individual results. Each glass is therefore unique.

Hanging a candle crown over a table or placing a hand-forged candlestick on the table adds more than just candlelight. The atmosphere is warmer and the mood is denser.

Chandeliers, candlesticks, lanterns and sconces from Boda Smide are handmade from iron and glass. Heavy, angry iron, hammered with man power and light, airy glass, blown with the breath.

Both redeemed from the same element, fire.

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