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Boda Smide was born out of the heyday of the Småland glassworks in the 50s and 60s and builds on old forging and glass traditions in Småland.

Through a historical collaboration with talented and often very recognized Swedish artists / designers, we try to create with our skilled craftsmen unique, beautiful and atmospheric products of iron and glass with a timeless character.

All forging is now done in the forge in Småland Virserum.

Chandeliers, candlesticks, lanterns and sconces from Boda Smide are handmade from iron and glass. Heavy, angry iron, hammered with man power and light, airy glass, blown with the breath. Both redeemed from the same element, fire.

In the forge, the iron is shaped into beautiful everyday objects, with each product made unique by the hand power and skill of the blacksmith.

The finished and forged product is "surface treated" by bluing the surface. This is done by heating the part in a furnace to about 400 degrees.

The handmade glass is produced by shaping the hot, viscous glass mass using manual methods, where the result is a combination of the designer's vision and the craftsman's feeling. This method always produces different, individual results. Each glass is therefore unique.

The products from Boda Smide are unique, high-quality craftsmanship with timeless design for lasting value.

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The story of Boda Smide

The artist Erik Höglund was the first to work with wrought iron and glass in Boda.

It all started with a collaboration with the blacksmith Axel Strömgren "Stålmannen från Slätaby" outside Torsås (in an old railway station in Kvilla) and in 1958 the first major work was delivered to Kalmar Hemslöjd in the form of a stair railing and window decoration.

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"The products from Boda Smide are unique, high quality craftsmanship with timeless design for lasting value."